PLAY On! Workshops

Departures: Youth Voices -- Rubi Fregoso, Tuesdays&Thursdays afterschool @ RFKLab
multimedia documentary
media literacy
community engagement
telling the stories of Los Angeles communities
media literacy curriculum with high school students
identify hotspots/key locations, individuals in neighborhood to illuminate social political issues
get a sense of what it takes to produce a documentary
ask students to think critically about their neighborhood, their role in their community, which locations they’ve identified as hotspots
develop life and professional skills
My Neighborhood & Me = project
-students take pictures, video, audio, tag maps with locations individually and in groups
The Politico
-students create a collage/mural that curates their collective works
Professional Development
-explore NMLs
-increase technical knowledge
-build confidence (move beyond personal expertise)
-emphasize new educational practices to support participation in new digital culture
-follow core concepts, activities of Youth Voices
-multimedia in the classroom and community -- build digital murals
Operation Street Kidz -- Josof “Jo Jo” Casas Sanchez, collaboration with teachers on case-by-case basisOperation Street Kidz (OSK) is a community based (non‐profit) organization dedicated to engineering kids for success. OSK’s approaches to helping kids unleash their seeds of greatness include educational curricula, providing positive role models, utilizing the arts, music and film to captivate and engage our youth. We recognize that the absence of healthy self esteems among our children is one of the most pressing issues facing our youth today.-trauma at home generates conflict in the classroom
-over 40,000 youths under 18 are on probation
-100,000 truants
-”the invisible high school” = 18 juvenile camps full of devastated, brilliant young people
-teachers = frontline, hope producers, dream builders
-Example of prior work with teachers: Liaised between oral history project’s director (a librarian) and Esteban Torres High School to introduce the community storytelling projects into classrooms; also liaised between students and members of various industries to introduce mentorship opportunities
-This fall: Would like to connect with teachers and co-construct customized plans to reach hard-to-reach students (visiting parents/families, observing in classrooms, working one-on-one with students)
Laughter for a Change, Ed Greenberg, Mondays afterschool @ RFKLab-as U.S. State Department cultural envoy to Rwanda, ran comedy workshop-grows out of a tradition created by Viola Spolin, introducing theater games as a means of building community among diverse immigrants at Chicago's Hull House during the Depression-current students: Koreatown Youth and Community Center; The Spring Chickens = senior improv group that tours to senior residential facilities; youths in juvenile detention facility -”the games always work” -improvisation is based on agreement, not conflict -- “Yes and”; develop listening skills, cognitive flexibility, active choices; develop safe space and expect great results -practice risk-taking, sense that we’re all in this together, it’s okay to make mistakes/fail -- creativity is about finding the moment in the mistake that is actually a positive, active springboard for creativity that would have never happened-instructors have been trained at iO West, Second City-Los Angeles
Cover to Cover, Annette Goldsmith-international youth literature, translations-examining U.S. and original Dutch cover of youth book, Heartstring, a collection of short stories about love
-2-hour workshop asks students to evaluate book covers, choose cover that most interests them, hear a recording of the story, and work with a partner to design a new book cover on the iPad
-stimulate thinking about media literacy
-consider different literary incarnations of love
-practice 21st-century digital skills by collaboratively designing a book cover on an iPad
-share book cover design ideas with the Dutch and U.S. publishers
-enjoy PLAYing!
Science lesson plan resources
Blu video artist BrainPOP