Summer Sandbox Video

by Erickson Raif

Raw, unedited exit videos of teachers from the Summer Sandbox:

Week 1 Participant Interviews

Week 2 Participant Interviews


We distributed a survey to LAUSD educators grades 6-12 who expressed interest in the Summer Sandbox. Some noteworthy initial findings:

Simulation and performance are consistently the lowest-ranking new media literacies (NMLs) across the three divisions assessed: frequency of practice, enjoyment, and self-efficacy. Participants report constantly practicing the NMLs of multitasking, visualization, and distributed cognition. However, they neither enjoy nor feel considerable self-efficacy with multitasking. While they highly enjoy visualization and distributed cognition, they do not disclose a strong sense of self-efficacy with those skills.

Q: What type of support, if any, would you appreciate around incorporating this (digital media, media literacy, learning through play, participatoring learning, new media literacies) into your classroom?

Three general categories emerged:
1)curricular support – tangible, e.g., online support community, lesson plans, models, examples;2)financial support: for materials (interestingly, NOT for training or reward for extraordinary effort);3)personal support – administrator buy-in, teacher training, peer support, classroom assistance
PowerPoint of Results Summer Sandbox Pre-Survey:

PowerPoint of Results from POTB Midpoint Evaluation: