August 19, 2011

Change: Liability, Length (Five days for one salary point; perhaps 2-3 days + homework would be better), Discomfort around moving of furniture, Equity ,and access- seeing what others have and not having it.

Positive: Respect, Free food, Lack of handouts, Patience and Flexibility, stimulation, Theory and practice, getting a sense of the philosophy of this new participatory culture, Henry's talks, presentations from PLAY On! partners

Reflection on 20 min Sessions,
Grants- travel
Allen I want to take away all of it.
T: The type of conversation was collaboration.
T: I think the best way is to talk to people like this.
T: When I started the program that is the one thing I was taught.
T: Sounds like there is unmet need to educators to be educated in this area, learning from other teachers is effective and empowering.

Collaging For another person
We had a conversation about art. We talked about what Michel did for laurel
Camela shared her story.
Laurel:Allow Students to engage in art, and bring art back

Gladys In Hip hop learning
We learned how to incorporate music to class room management.
T: I have music for each transitional phase. Cleaning, lunch...
T: THey know they have to clean up, They talk to each other
T: It is just developing consistency with the kids, If they have consistency then they can trust you.
It seems so easy clean up but it's a process to teach them how to take it on. IT gives them something they might not get on a regular basis.
T:The music partners: like musical chairs Make sure kids mix it up when choosing partners.
T: In SPecial education It helps as well
Laurel: Meeting the needs of multiple learners

Cultural backgrounds:
Melissa: How pre-judgment is perpetuated in school climates
In talking with michel. IT is encouraging that he has an older sibling that has an impact on life. HE was talking about putting yourself in others' shoes
Exposing others to different perspectives, Ask students why other students are different.
Laurel: Cognitive and emotional perspective-taking is vital -- those are the building blocks of empathy, which are negatively associated with aggression. Induction, a process in which adults encourage youth to ask themselves how they would feel in someone else's place, to note another's facial expression and/or body language and draw conclusions, is effective for developing perspective-taking skills.

Create your own Wikipage
Walked us through wikispaces,
Invite people to make changes. SHows all these features that we didn't know we had.
Vanessa Showed them how to do it but everyone is doing their independent work.

Board certification process
Greta started off asking us about what we wanted to know.
She shared her story, the time commitment, etc.
T: She showed us how and I told her Im going to do it.
T: Everyone is already doing the work; why not get paid for it?
T: SHe showed us where to get the money. Scholarships.
Teaching strategies: testimony from "survivor," cheerleader, social proof ("I'm just like you and I did it; therefore, you can too")

Using movies to learn
I use movies like 30 days morgan spurlock, and Pay it forward. I looked it up and 400 and 500 people paid for eachothers drink at starbucks
WHen you think of a curriculum you think of the fox and the hound. It is a movie but it helped
Michel: It not the fact that is a movie ,it is something that we live through daily, It is something we can connect to. LIke the fox and the hound.
L: Sounds like the relevance of the conversation topic -- friendship, emotion -- transcends the relevance of the medium.
T: I think the theme and idea is what put forward. SO when I show these films it shows to analyze the ideas
ALso CRazylove is a good movie but I didn't show my to students
It talks about emotional and Psychological about things like domestic violence.
Its also on erins Simulation a lot of people liked it too
We know how important is is to treat the child as a whole learner, and teach him about life.

Your plan to earn salary points
We were looking at the salary table and deconstructing that.
Discussed various avenues to obtain salary points (University of Phoenix = not allowed anymore since the experience was not meaningful).
Commented on various costs of salary point courses.
Described what an ideal PD would look like (take place on Saturdays, not excessive in length, include good readings, discussion, field trips, importable content).

WHat did you take from this experience?
Terri:Give the students a chance to share. You do not realize what they get to share. This is informative too.

(Described activity that was not implemented this week. In this activity, members of small groups identify their skills and design a lesson that exploits these skills. Gives the designers an opportunity to put forward their strengths, as well as ensures that diverse learners have multiple entry points to lesson.)

Reflecting on goals, and setting new goals
Use this to reflect individually
Revisit, Actually Realized, Plan for realizing unmet goals, New goals

Greta: My Goal = concrete websites to take back to classroom,
Work On the wordle
and also a Feminist thesis: use Bell hooks, with Madonna. Make it multimedia, use audio, and video

Ignacio: I will take Wordle, Challenge [the PLAYground], and the clothes line (for introducing vocabulary and illustrating its omnipresence) into the classroom.
Simulation is a big controversy in history. Some people say that it trivalizes history. A teacher did a simulation based on the Articles of Confederation and students obtained misinformation. On the periodic assessment, stipulated: Do not use simulation.
But I got here to prove them wrong: Like using monopoly. I am taking this to the school. I want to find a way to use simulation productively.
(Greta: Something emotional can simulate trauma in a child, so must be careful.)

Marie Jo:
I want to write a grant to get more ipads into the school
I want to do the national board certifications
This whole week motivated me to use the wiki, Hopefully I can share it with my co-workers, and we can use more technology, but most teachers aren't tech savvy, still starting with email

I will be able to use social media , I can be more adventurous on my own.
Can even remix board games in order to achieve curricular ends.
THere is this project with NASA in which I can use the challenge [PLAYground] with them

Get new strategies
effectively implement in the classroom
Resources I have been getting through the week
My goal is to use the wiki
Use more technology, be more interactive with the students.

I want to be more tech friendly I was looking forward to the hands on expereince
I personally have gotten more than that
I like to network
Meet with the other teachers, I can partner with them and it can be more beneficial.

I wanted to understand how difficult it is for teachers to create work for students, I understand that teachers are students themselves

I want to take back this work to my students
I want to take back the collective Identity- doing it with the other teachers
The last thing I thought about my classroom with a different set of eyes.
I really like the collective intelligence

I am walking with new goals, strategies
It was good to see different grade levels
WIth testing we neglect issues that need to be taught, and online resources can make accessible these issues/concepts.
I like the challenge [PLAYground], I can give to my kids, they can offer me a counter challenge.

[Considering project-based learning: Projects that take place over course of months because it can take place in middle school as it does in H.S.What is is going to look like in Middle school when and how can we put it in HIgh school. How do I learn?]

I would like to do as much as I can , With the limited mount of money I have. Whatever I have is what I have to work with.
Using that information and use what the kids have is what I can use in the classroom.
Find affordances of tech they have -- they may not know that they can use that way.
Start a wiki so I can have children collect and create among themselves

My goal was to find resources and engage my students
I want to have blogs to discuss math
I will use Wordle
I will use music for transitions (I love music!)
I will bring in Jojo Sanchez to talk about the dream act and other issues relevant to my students

I want to creative and engaging ways to
I learned how to email in my second year in college- I don't want that for my kids
With ome of my stuff: I like the how to video
And the lesson I designed with my community.
SOme of the kids a very smar but teachers cant deal with them because of their behaviors
Also I want them to bring their ipods from home at a designated time
Greta: You have to start where they are, then teach them from there ( about tech). It's a process.
Laurel: Figuring out a viable process for this population of learners and documenting that is enormously valuable -- will shed light on an underexamined area. Every part of the journey is worth sharing, not just the pretty outcome. The tough middle work, the innovative startup work -- arguably, that's even more important and interesting than the "yay, they crossed the finish line" report.
Gladys: I'll be satisfied as long as I teach them two to three things and it stuck

I came in because I try to learn everything i can
I am going to work websites more, Brain Pop, Study jams, Khan academy [?]

I expect teacher to know everything. But I didn't expect that they get resources
I see it is pretty difficult
It is nice to see on the other side
Allen: You still respect us, I hope ?
Carmela: Even more actually!

Outside of media, I have been all about class building and team building
Movement game, all those games are valuabel it builds the trusts. I like the idea of play.

Yim: I find the space to work for me. It's one of the best professional developments I have worked with. It forced me to be creative again, I am doing the new thing. My brain goes into all different directions, and you are helping. Thank you.
Marie Jo: IT was stimulating my Brain, Mostly its going ot be more for me. the whole school is special ed, and education is wraped around feeding, and taking care of them. If I take s class a fullerton it only applies to me 2% here I learned a lot more.
Teri: It was Theory, v. action. It was a college course in 5 days. Especially because I’m starting a school. IT is a philosophy. I love the PLAYground. I showed to my other teachers. YOu can do it in five minutes. THe Harder part is the process. to learn all of these things.
IT is a luxury.